The recently passed flood of concepts that spark my neurons are: the THINK BOMBS of McLuhan; IDEAS that are instruments (full of potential and waiting to be played, as a musician might say); INDEXICAL - a word, object, expression or art form whose meaning is dependent on the context, signifying by connection; and LIMINAL -  a neurological or metaphysical state of being   on the threshold of two different existential planes.

MEANING is a site of struggle, she said. And this echoes Strate quoting Durig referencing Langer: "Language is not the medium of meaning, Meaning is the medium of language." That is, if the fundamental aspect of meaning is symbolic transformation then yes, even a dead body can communicate.

We're not getting Autological here, in which I would prefer avoiding Luhmann's self-referential closed systems. Sometime way back - says Mumford - to teach and to punish meant the same thing. So I can keep my favorite cultural pseudomorph  on a leash, and not consider the portable public privacy issue. That's how it works today, at least.

//each paragraph on a separate ring that spins. Ideally in different directions and speeds//