Four Kotekan*  for bamboo jaw harps (1:08)
from the CD "Prismatic Hearing" 2004

Pythia for Theremin, triggering samples (6:47 full piece)
It started out being music for a film about the Pythia, and then evolved.
Performance with the NY Theremin Society at Joe's Pub, Sept 15, 2013

Chain of Incidents * for found bottles and cans (3:08)
from the CD "Fung Sha Noon" 2009

Odentity * for the Just Intonation Harry Partch instruments (11:07 full piece)
from the CD "Fung Sha Noon"

Cool it Wayang for "jazz gamelan", trombone and voice (:44)
performed by Gamelan Son of Lion from the CD "Bending the Gending" 2002

Kebyar Leyak for digital gamelan, text, trombone and ocarina (7:07 full piece)
performed by D Simons for the Gamelan Son of Lion CD "New Gamelan/New York" 1995
for a full description click

Uncle Venus* for gamelan and string quartet (:33)
from the CD "Fung Sha Noon"

The Unraveling* for slendro gamelan with pelog reyong (6:05 full piece)
performed by Gamelan Son of Lion, from the CD "Prismatic Hearing"

The God of Mud for 20 players (4:09 full piece)
music by David Simons, lyrics by Simons and Lisa Karrer,
from their 1997 opera "The Birth of George" released 2003 on Tellus/Harvestworks

The Great Dark Backwards (2:08 full piece)
music and lyrics by David Simons,
from the Simons and Karrer opera "The Birth of George" released 2003 on Tellus/Harvestworks

to see the lyrics, click here.

Pygmy Dream text and vocals by FLY, music by D Simons (1:32)
from the 1992 CD "How to Be" performed by God Is My CoPilot

Honey Ant Song excerpted from the 1980 composition"Native Cat Songs" (4:13)
performed by MUSIC FOR HOMEMADE INSTRUMENTS from their 1989 cassette "A Decade of Debris"

Mixed Messages (2000) The text was from a real phone message that I received on my answering machine. Possible gig, possible hoax. No callback number, so it becomes compost, source material, recycled and revivified, with added soundtrack.(1:21)